Lightwise Architectural Systems

Seves Glass Block is the world’s leading manufacturer of glass block. Used in architectural and interior design; glass block has a lot of offer. Benefits include:

  • Visibility & Light Transmission
  • Graffiti & Vandal Resistant
  • Sustainabilitly - Inert make up is 100% Recyclable, Highly Durable, & Solar Reflective
  • Resistant to Impact
  • Good for security
  • Beautiful & Versatile for commercial and residential settings
  • Sound Resistant

Hurricane Resistant

If you’re designing a building to withstand a hurricane, it needs to be able to stand up to flying debris as well. Protect your building and occupants with LightWise® Architectural Systems Hurricane-Resistant Glass Block Windows. They can withstand hurricane force winds and the debris it can throw without needing shutters. This system consists of glass block framed by a 2 piece aluminum channel, pre-assembled in windows for easy installation. Custom sizes in 8” increments also available.

Blast Resistant

Our blast-resistant panels have been designed and tested to meet and exceed stringent government, military and international building requirements to give you the beauty of glass -- with the utmost protection. Unlike laminated flat glass, which will often crack and sometimes release fragments during a blast, there is no cracking or loss of glass in the tests conducted on our LightWise® Architectural Systems Blast-Resistant Glass Block Panels. They are the perfect choice for high-risk buildings.

Fire Resistant

30, 60, and 90 minute class of fire-resistant glass provide structural stability and strength, while protecting objects and people from the passage of smoke, gas, and flame. Available in a wavy or smooth surface and three finishings for privacy and light control.