Pura® NFC by Trespa

Trespa is the industry leader and world's largest producer of high pressure laminates, producing over 1 million sq ft a week! Pura® NFC by Trespa is engineered to be used in a ventilated façade solution that’s easily installed. The system includes an air cavity in front of the load-bearing wall, allowing an airflow that prevents heat or moisture accumulation. This premium façade solution is designed to be durable, low maintenance and easily installed. Pura® NFC can stand out as an architectural element, or harmonize with the landscape and other building materials. Ask your Acme sales professional for more information.

Trespa has added Lumen decors to its Pura® NFC range of speciality decors for homes and low-rise commercial properties. Lumen was first introduced in Trespa’s Meteon line of cladding panels in 2015. The matte surface of Lumen gently disperses light, creating a soft illumination in a saturated hue. Architects who are interested in playing with more reflective material can request a glossy specular or weathered oblique finish for light-infused texture. All Pura® NFC decors come with a full set of matte color-matched system components (screws, profiles) for an installation that’s as easy as the resulting product is beautiful.

Click here to order samples! Or for more information email us at Pura@brick.com.