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thinBRIK from Acme Brick
Agrob Buchtal
CityScape thinBRIK
Glass paver installation system
King Klinker thinBRIK
MAC Metal Architectural
Pura® NFC by Trespa
Vetropieno glass brick

Innovative Building Products, IBP, is an Acme Brick company.
And for Acme, brick is only the beginning. 

When Acme Brick was founded in 1891, it was customary for homes and buildings to be clad in a single type of material. In our original home market, likely as not that material was Acme Brick. Today, however, it is common to see buildings with as many as five different types of cladding. So as always, Acme Brick is responding to the changing needs and preferences of our customers.

In our reconfigured Innovative Building Products division, we have brought together many of the world’s most innovative cladding solutions:

Thin brick – 9 different lines including our own thinBRIK series

Natural stone – including Acme’s exclusive Stonebrook line and the CUPACLAD wall system paired with natural Vermont Slate

Premier metal cladding from MAC Metal Architectural, imported from Canada

Ceramic and terracotta cladding systemsAgrob Buchtal 

Advanced high-pressure laminate panels, such as Pura NFC by Trespa

Panel-based fastening systems, including our patented Fast Track System

As our product offerings have expanded, so has our service. A support team based at our Fort Worth headquarters stands ready to help: with design tips, shop drawings, and comprehensive technical assistance for every Acme and IBP product. Be sure to ask your local Acme Representative which products are available to you.

Even as our product offerings expand, our mission remains the same: to fire imagination and to furnish the materials needed to execute any design. 

For more Acme Brick products, click here to visit us at brick.com.

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