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TABS Advantage
TABS Advantage

The TABS Wall System is the ultimate evolution of steel panel support concepts that date back over 40 years. With market entry in 2004, the TABS II panel is the second iteration of the TABS I panel concept introduced in 1988. The TABS II panel improved on the design of the TABS I panel by incorporating structural grade, G-90 galvanized steel and introducing the first & only mortar locking feature in the industry. Other improvements included deeper embossing of the panel to facilitate improved drainage and thermo set paint coating to better protect the galvanized steel.

TABS Wall Systems has invested several hundred thousand dollars in independent testing, eclipsing all other similar concepts in steel panel support systems. TABS is the standard by which all steel mounting support systems should be judged.

The TABS Wall System has been designed to meet the challenges of installing thin veneer materials efficiently and effectively. The TABS Wall System creates a perfect template for the installation of thin veneer materials ranging from ½” up to 1-1/4” in thickness and heights for - Modular, Standard, Norman, Queen, King, Engineer, Economy, Utility, Meridian, Romans as well as 8” x 8” and 8” x 12”. Custom sizes, with required minimum quantities are also available.

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