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Wrought Iron Double Doors
Ricky James of Acme Brick

Since ancient times, wrought iron has been a popular addition to homes and public buildings. When this metal is used for doors, the designs and colors of this material make a design statement that suggests richness and timelessness. For builders who want to add an elegant component to brick construction, wrought iron is an excellent choice.

The Colorful History of Wrought Iron

The term “wrought” is an archaic past tense of the verb “to work.” As an adjective, this “worked” iron became “wrought” when it was hammered into shape. According to this article, “Before the developments of modern steel-making, wrought iron was the most commonly used form of malleable iron. This means that, unlike cast iron, wrought iron is not as brittle. Wrought iron has a lower carbon content, which makes it harder and stronger yet easier to weld.” The blacksmiths of earlier times were able to transform this iron into breathtaking designs.
There are two different types of wrought iron: charcoal and puddle iron. Charcoal iron was primarily used from the Iron Age to the end of the eighteenth century and was produced through a charcoal fire. Puddled iron, used since the dawn of the industrial era, is made from cast iron in an indirect coal-fired furnace.

10 Reasons Wrought Iron Doors Are a Hot Home Design Trend 

Nothing adds a “wow” factor to a new home design like a wrought iron front door. This is the #1 reason many homeowners request one. The juxtaposition of iron with brick construction visually suggests a permanence that no synthetic building material can emulate. The single or double wrought iron doors, manufactured by Exclusive Iron Doors, Love That Door, and Stately Doors & Windows and available from Acme Brick Tile & Stone stores, offer multi-hued designs that command attention, especially when framed by the rich patina of brick. 

Here are the other reasons for choosing wrought iron doors:  

#2. The quality of the materials in these wrought doors is second-to-none. Their craftsmanship will enhance the look and feel of any home.
#3. They are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wooden doors, they will never rot or warp.
#4. They are easy to install. They come standard with insulated safety glass, removable security screens, and a weather-stripping system. They can be installed without tearing up the interior or exterior of your home.
#5. They are more secure than almost any other door. These doors are made of high-quality 12-gauge steel. Passive doors have mounted flush bolts to provide a secure lock when not in use.
#6. They have a built-in drainage system. Every wrought iron door has a unique sloped door slab design under the glass panel. This allows rain to drain to the exterior side, away from the glass panel and door.
#7. As with brick construction, they are energy efficient. These iron doors are injected with high-quality polyurethane foam for year-round insulation. The foam also help prevent rust from forming, and they are built to last in any extreme weather environment. Each door also has weather-stripping, which adds to energy efficiency.
#8. They have hinged glass. This feature offers convenience when it comes to cleaning the glass. It also gives the homeowner the option to lock the doors for security while leaving the glass panel open for ventilation.
#9. Any door hardware will work. These doors accept standard door hardware to eliminate the need for custom or hard-to-find locks and latches. However, they require longer screws due to their thickness.
#10. These doors can be customized. For example, customized doors can be ordered with a thermal break for homes in colder climates. They can be ordered in almost any size with an iron inlay design and several glass options, including argon gas. For ease of installation, computer-aided design drawings are included with every custom door.
Clients who are looking for a way to customize the look of their new construction home will love these wrought iron doors. Click here and talk to the wrought iron door experts at Acme Brick.